LCC Les Miserables

Did you know that Brad Golden the outstanding acting teacher/director at La Costa Canyon High School is my brother?  Well he is, and I couldn't be more proud.  

He asked me to take some photos of his spring musical, Les Miserables.  I couldn't believe that he was taking on the monstrous play that we grew up singing along to on our family road trips.  How was he going to tackle the intense and complicated story with high schoolers?  I set my expectations low only to have my mind blown.  It was incredible!  I was in awe of the passion and dedication I saw that night in the theatre.  The voices, costumes, lighting, set design, acting and the community ran me through every emotion.  I'm honored to have been able to capture these moments in time for Brad and the La Costa Canyon Theatre Crew.  

To Brad: We've come a long way from our never ending battles over the TV remote haven't we?  It's so great to see our two passions collide like this....  Love you!

(COLOR) Night photos with Nick

This continues from my blog post of black and white images of Nick.

Although I love black and white photos, I use color as a composition element to add mood to my photos.  For this shoot, I sought out store fronts and shop nooks where the light bounced and gave me color.  

"Color is a power is a power that directly influences the soul" - Wassily Kandinsky

(B&W) Night photos with Nick

On a late night walk around my neighborhood I ended up on Abbot Kinney Blvd and was fascinated by the amount of striking available light situations.  I called my actor buddy Nick George and he agreed to meet me for an impromptu portrait session.  After grabbing a bourbon on the rocks at Hal's Bar & Grill, we hit the streets.  We found store fronts and seating areas with moody and interesting lighting.  The whole time we only utilized the available light given to us.  For this shoot I played with the Sony A7SII camera with the 24-70 2.8 lens. This camera handles low light extremely well! 

I love black and white photos, but you can also find color images I shot here.


Someone Loves You

Yesterday I gave myself the following objective: shoot only 16:9 photos in black and white.  While walking in my neighborhood, I stumbled upon some graffiti on a construction wall.  I am attracted to positive messages and pictures, so naturally the Someone Loves You resonated with me. And for some reason, I got a good feeling from the vines twisting and reaching out, looking for new grounds, while supporting each other.

I'm so fortunate that I have family and friends that love me but deep down, I know that the real "Someone" who loves me has to be me first.  I'm constantly working on self love.  I feel that if I continue that, I'll ripple the love out to others in a more positive and authentic way.  Let the love flow! 


Much Love,


Honor the Artists You Enjoy

If I could, I would buy massive amounts of art work.  The problem is, due to all my kid's art and photos, my wall space has all but run out.  On a recent trip to New Orleans, I came up with a work around that allows me to enjoy the art I love and at the same time honor the artist who created it.  While walking the main art district I ran into so much talent.  After speaking with the artist to get approval, I took a photo of them with their artwork.   It was a win win on all sides.  I made sure to email each of them their photo and I can still look back on the art work I enjoy plus we got to know each other briefly.  I wish I had thought of this trade years ago!

You can see more of my New Orleans photos on my Facebook photography page.

Fathers Day

This year I shot photos side by side with my kids to celebrate Father's Day.  Loved it! 

Check out this BlackRapid post that includes me with my 4yr old.

It makes me so happy to teach my kids how to shoot and it reminds me of my 1st experience learning about photography.  Guess who taught me, my Dad!   

My Dad is currently the owner of the San Diego Pretzel Company, but prior to that he was a gourmet chef.  While working as a chef full time, he wrote and photographed 2 amazing cook books.

As I watched him lighting and taking photos of the food, I would be so curious about how that little black & silver camera worked.  It amazed me that it captured the moment perfectly and elegantly every single time.

Here I am giving the camera a try....


Thank you Dad for introducing me to the wonderful world of photography.

Happy Fathers Day!  I LOVE YOU!


Golden GoPro Challenge - 2013

Years ago after the birth of my son, I was in a less then creative, very tired Dad state of mind.  My wife picked up on this, and knowing me well, she issued me a photo challenge.  Everyday for a month she would text me randomly and as soon as I received the text, I was to take a photo.  Not only did this help to spark my creativity at a time when I definitely needed it, but it also inspired to me to start my blog.  I just revamped my website and I want to kick off my new blog section with my favorite blog post to date, the Golden GoPro Challenge...



And here is a screen grab of my 1st text I received on my phone :)