Fathers Day

This year I shot photos side by side with my kids to celebrate Father's Day.  Loved it! 

Check out this BlackRapid post that includes me with my 4yr old.

It makes me so happy to teach my kids how to shoot and it reminds me of my 1st experience learning about photography.  Guess who taught me, my Dad!   

My Dad is currently the owner of the San Diego Pretzel Company, but prior to that he was a gourmet chef.  While working as a chef full time, he wrote and photographed 2 amazing cook books.

As I watched him lighting and taking photos of the food, I would be so curious about how that little black & silver camera worked.  It amazed me that it captured the moment perfectly and elegantly every single time.

Here I am giving the camera a try....


Thank you Dad for introducing me to the wonderful world of photography.

Happy Fathers Day!  I LOVE YOU!